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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Harness the Secret Powers of Breath for Health and Healing, Longevity and Spiritual Connection

With Alexandra Soteriou

You will discover and EXPERIENCE firsthand ways to: access powerful healing, revitalization, and longevity, release stress and emotional duress, enhance spiritual connection, kindle the kundalini, and generally create wellness through secret breathing techniques culled from qigong, yogic, mystic and medical methods.

The breath toolbox we’ll explore includes:

Basics from Ayurvedic and yogic pranayama traditions including calming or

invigorating breath, warming, and cooling breathe etc.

Burmese Breathing Detox with its powerful cleansing force

Chinese Master’s Longevity Exercise

Targeted and Meridian Breathing for Healing

Xi Breathing for Profound Healing

The Heavenly Circuit for Vitality

Stoking the Kundalini through breath

Exploring the Chakras as we Breathe, Meditation Breath and

Spiritual Connection

Alexandra Soteriou, MA health & healing, LMT, Qigong, Yi Jinn Jing,

Chi Ne Tsang

Ondamed biofeedback practitioner

        Alexandra Soteriou has an MA in health and healing (her teachers included, Dr.’s Norm Shealy, Bernie Siegel, and Richard P. Brown).

She is an LMT licensed in NJ, a certified Ondamed biofeedback practitioner has been trained as a Qigong healer (by Master Robert Peng) and possesses strong intuitive skills. Alexandra has been trained in Chinese organ exercises, Yi Jinn Jing and Chinese organ massage, Chi Ne Tsang. She has an academic background in anthropology and has worked around the world learning from traditional cultures and has deeply explored spiritual traditions for over three decades. She practices Kriya Yoga and has been initiated into spiritual traditions by the Dalai Lama, Self Realization Fellowship, and Alberto Villoldo and the Q’ero Shamans. She is active in the Lyme disease community. Alexandra adheres to the belief that age-old targeted breathing methods are powerful, overlooked, ways to oxygenate the body for wellness, healing, and longevity.

Alexandra has a practice in Hawthorne that offers Ondamed biofeedback, Qigong healing, targeted breath therapy and a combined method she calls TET® in tandem with her intuitive gifts.

She also provides programs, group or individual, for stress reduction, detox, meditation, grief relief, smoking cessation, and longevity exercises.

www.AlexandraSoteriou.com  alexandra@BeWellNaturally.info

Call 973 238-0003 for appointments   Hawthorne, New Jersey

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


with Debbie Carcuffe

Become conscious of your shadows,

learn how they were created, 
and how to embrace them.

Unacknowledged, the shadow will manipulate and sabotage one’s intuition, purpose, intimate relationships, finances, and ultimately one’s life. 

Debbie’s discussions and exercises will demonstrate: 

  • How and why we disassociate from certain aspects of ourselves during childhood.
  • How to become conscious of your own personal shadow-self and learn how to integrate it back into your life with compassion and love.
  • How acknowledging and embracing these “shadow aspects” is vital to discovering and reconnecting with one’s true, authentic power and wholeness.

As a Spiritual Counselor, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, and Holistic Energy Practitioner, Debbie Carcuffe intuitively assists individuals in connecting on a deeper level with themselves and others by revealing unconscious behavior patterns, core beliefs, and blocks that keep many stuck preventing them from moving forward. This is accomplished by integrating holistic energy healing with shadow integration to create the perfect blend of therapy required to address one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  

Debbie can be contacted at 201-841-0358.

Her website: www.portalofhealing.com

Portal of Healing

Conscious Alignment with the Soul

50 Main Street

Chester, NJ 07930

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

 Opening your Channels

to Discover your Soul


with Julie Connor


     As Lightworkers, healers, and embodied consciousness of Source Frequency, we are being called to enlighten our being with ALL that we are, to activate our highest potential and to live this as our Divine Truth.

     This evening, Julie will share gifts of sacred transmissions to each participant. We will experience the consciousness of our Divine ‘I AM’ Self. We will bathe in the pure channel of light and unconditional love frequency that connects us to the heart of Source. Julie will transmit encodements of light and sound that will support and assist the opening of our many channels and pathways of our sacred bodies of our Divine Presence. 

     These transmissions are deeply healing, purifying, cleansing and assist in aligning to your Soul with its mission and purpose here on the Earth. A sacred ceremony will follow, to anchor all that is received. We will offer these blessings and illuminated gifts to the kingdoms, elements, ley lines, and all beings upon the Earth. 

Blessed Be All Beings!

     Julie Connor is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Sound Channel, Universal Rays Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. She has dedicated her life’s work to illuminate the pure light consciousness and infinite unconditional love from your Divine Self and the heart of Source.

     As a seer and channel, Julie gently and lovingly dives deep with her clients and students into the internal archives of consciousness. Her visions guide, support and nourish a deeper relationship with your soul, its purpose, and unique gifts. The frequency of her sound and light channel tunes in, and attunes the energy bodies. She channels the healing frequencies from the pure heart of Source, the Ascended Masters, Cosmic temples of Light, Angelic and Archangelic Realms, Ancient Earth Mothers, pranic energies of Earth, and 5th-dimensional heart of Mother Gaia. Her multi-layered healing sessions are deeply healing, will lift limitations and karma, shift and elevate consciousness, and offer an expanded soul embodied experience.

     Julie has a full-time healing practice and spiritual school at The Light Within Us in Blauvelt, NY.

You can view her events and classes at www.TheLightWithinUs.com

Madison Masonic Temple
170 Main Street,
Madison, New Jersey 07940

$10 donation at the door

Doors open at 7:00; the program starts at 7:30 p.m.